Prices - PK Photo Art


High quality prints, in a range of sizes and fininshes.

A range of quality prints and finishes available to order

Prints Price List:
Printing available in Photographic Gloss, Lustre or Metallic finishes.

6x4 inch: £6.50

7x5 inch: £8

9x6 inch: £10 (7 x 9x6 for £50)

10x8 inch: £16.50 (5 x 10x8” £70, 10 x 10x8” £120)

12x8 inch: (or A4) £25

16x12 inch: £35

18x12 inch: (or A3) £40
(Larger prints available by request).

Digital Images:
All images copyright-free with full print permission £200 (excludes Weddings, Events and Commercial work)